visitor services

  • Information Specialist

    Information Specialists provided relevant information and genuine, courteous service to all visitors to Denver Botanic Gardens at York Street. Located  in the Visitor Center and Children’s Garden Visitor Center, at the Information Desk and at a mobile Information Cart, this position is critical to the visitor’s experience at the Gardens.

    Excellent customer service and communications skills and an ability to handle visitor issues in a positive and proactive manner. Enthusiasm for Denver Botanic Gardens and all it has to offer.
    Upon completion of training, Information Specialist volunteers are required to commit to a minimum of two shifts per month. Shifts are approximately 3 to 3-1/2 hours each, and are available 7 days per week most of the year.
  • "As a result of my volunteer experience, I grew my professional skill set and made a major career change that has allowed me to combine volunteerism, service and professional growth into an executive position with a national service organization."

    - Bevin, Volunteer
  • "I love to see young people, and people young-at-heart; smile, relax and thoroughly enjoy our beautiful gardens! It's so wonderful to experience flowers and people at their very best."

    - Jane, Volunteer