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Teen & Family Program

Summer is a wonderful season in Colorado, however a three month break from school can quickly become boring without engaging activities. If you know someone between the age of 9-17 who is social, curious and likes to learn about plants and science, they should check out the cool Denver Botanic Gardens volunteer programs!

Teen Exploration Leader Program

The Teen Exploration Leader program is for students 13-17 years old who want a fun and enriching experience in the summer. The Gardens is looking for a group of teens to volunteer from June-August, helping as a Play Facilitator, Pond Facilitator and Teen Ambassador. Teens will rotate between the three positions in the Mordecai Children’s Garden and will have a chance to participate in some bonus activities throughout the summer.

We will host our information session for the 2015 summer program in March 2015. Please check back for more details.

For more information and questions about this program, please contact the Volunteer Services Department at 720-865-3565 or vol@botanicgardens.org

Family Volunteer Program

The Family Volunteer Program is a fantastic way for families with children between the ages of 9-13 to get outdoors and share the joy of gardening. Adults and children have the opportunity to work in the Mordecai Children’s Garden with an expert horticulturist. While tending to the garden, they will learn about general maintenance, plants, and the environment through planting, weeding and watering.

Program applications begin in April. For more information and questions, please contact the Volunteer Services Department at 720-865-3537 or vol@botanicgardens.org for more information.