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Affiliate Organizations

Once you are a volunteer at Denver Botanic Gardens, you have the opportunity to join two affiliate volunteer organizations that have supported the Gardens for over 40 years. Each group contributes to the Gardens financially and through volunteer work.

The Associates of Denver Botanic Gardens

The Associates provide support for the programs and operations of the Gardens. Currently their area of focus is enhancement of the volunteer experience.

The Associates hold quarterly educational and social events for all volunteers which include programs presented by the staff of the Gardens. These activities provide opportunities for volunteers to learn more about horticulture, the Gardens and each other.

Membership to the Associates entitles you to discounts for these events. Requirements:

  • Become a volunteer at the Gardens
  • $15 in annual dues

Denver Botanic Gardens Guild

Guild members have taken an active role in helping maintain the herb garden and have provided financial support to the Gardens for 54 years.

Working closely with staff at the Gardens, the Guild is responsible for maintaining the Herb Garden all summer and selecting and selling herb plants for the Plant Sale. They also make herb vinegars, gourmet herb blends, soap and potpourri, which are sold at the Gardens' Holiday Sale and also sold in The Shop at the Gardens gift shop.

This is a working Guild and asks its members to commit to working at least 40 hours per year. Annual dues are $20.

The Guild continues to maintain an important role in educating Guild members and the public about herbs, and continues fundraising efforts to support projects throughout the Gardens.