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Gifts of Life Insurance

Why would I donate Life Insurance?

Many of us have life insurance, but in some cases, you might have had policies for years and the life insurance is no longer needed for personal or financial reason. In these cases, there may be an opportunity to make a significant gift to Denver Botanic Gardens.

How do I donate Life Insurance?

If you have insurance that is no longer needed or provides excess coverage, here are two ways you can make a sizable gift to the Gardens:

  • You can donate the policy to the Gardens, instructing the insurance company to make Denver Botanic Gardens the owner and beneficiary of the policy. In this instance you are entitled to a charitable tax deduction in the year you transferred the policy equal to the cash value of the policy.
  • You could retain ownership of the policy and make the Gardens the beneficiary. In this manner, you retain access to the cash value of the policy if you need it and, at your death, the Gardens receives a substantial gift. This also keeps the death benefit out of the policy owner’s estate.

And it costs you nothing to complete a beneficiary change form. If you have any questions about how life insurance could benefit the Gardens, please contact us:
Director of Development

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Denver Botanic Gardens, Inc.
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