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Membership Faqs

As a member, when will I be able to purchase concert tickets?
Concert tickets are offered to members first. In 2015, member-only sales begin on April 13. Visit our Summer Concert Series pagefor more details about ticket sales per membership level. Each level of membership is entitled to a specific sales date during priority week. Remember, your membership must be active and current as of April 8, 2015 with an expiration date of April 30, 2015 or later to qualify for this sale period.

If I become a member after April 8, 2015, when/how can I purchase concert tickets?
If renewing or purchasing your membership after April 8, you will be able to purchase concert tickets starting Monday, April 13 (depending on your membership level) at the reduced member price online or by phone.

Can I upgrade my membership after the lineup is announced?
If you would like to upgrade your active membership for concert tickets, you must do so by April 8, 2015. To discuss upgrade options, please contact Membership Services at 720-865-3525.

How do I purchase concert tickets?
Tickets can be purchased online or by phone on the designated membership level sales date beginning on April 13, 2015.

I'm a member and a concert sold out before I could purchase a ticket. What should I do?
Denver Botanic Gardens Concert Series has increased in popularity to the point that membership does not guarantee a ticket to any given show. If concerts are a priority, please consider upgrading your membership to the Gardens Plus and above level before April 9, 2015. Please call us to upgrade your membership.

I became a member to get concert tickets and didn't get tickets to the show I wanted. Is my membership refundable?
Memberships are non-refundable and do not guarantee tickets to any event or concert.

How many tickets per show can I purchase as a member?
You may purchase up to six tickets per membership per concert.

It rained on concert day and I didn't attend. Can I get my money back?
Concert tickets are non-refundable. Concerts are held rain or shine.

Can my childcare provider bring in my children on my card?
Denver Botanic Gardens offers a caregiver card option for $40 in addition to your regular membership. At the Gardens Plus level of membership and above, this card is complimentary.

What is the best level of membership if I want to bring my whole family?
Members have several options-- the Friends & Family level allows a total of six people entry per visit. That is the member cardholder plus 5 guests or both member cardholders plus 4 guests. These may be your own children, friends of your children or grandchildren. See our Benefits at a Glance chart for the list of all benefits per level of membership.

As a member, can I get in free to any of the special events?
Unlimited general admission does not include separately-ticketed events.

I frequently visit other botanic gardens throughout the country. Is there a reciprocal membership program?
Enjoy special admission privileges and discounts at nearly 300 gardens throughout North America and the Cayman Islands. See a list of participating gardens at ahs.org.

Can I pay for my membership using monthly installments?
Patron level and above members can now pay their Membership Pledge in installments.

How do I cancel my membership?
You may discontinue your membership at any time by emailing our membership department. Please note: membership fees are non-refundable.

What is the tax deductibility of memberships?
Memberships are non-refundable. As a nonprofit organization, Denver Botanic Gardens is required by the IRS to provide written disclosure of the fair market value (FMV) of benefits received. For tax year 2014, the tax-deductible portion of memberships is as follows: Individual $55; Individual Plus $65; Friends & Family $90; Gardens Plus $175; Supporter $350; Patron $650; Four Seasons $1,250. Please contact the Development office for information regarding Director's Circle, Garden Leader, and President’s Circle memberships.

Cheesman Gate Membership Fob FAQs

How do I get a fob?
Request a fob at the Visitor Services desk, through the Membership Department or purchase/renew online. Wave the fob in front of the electronic pad on the gate frame to gain access through the Cheesman Gate. Please make sure the gate is securely closed after you enter or exit the Gardens.

When will my fob be active?
Your fob is activated at the time of purchase and you may use it during regular Gardens hours.

Who may use the fob?
Fobs may only be purchased by active members of the Gardens. This is an added benefit of membership for all levels. Non-members or lapsed members may not purchase fobs unless a membership is also processed at the time of the transaction. By purchasing a fob, you agree to take responsibility for any misuse. A membership fob is $25.

Where may I use this?
The fob will only work on the Cheesman Gate entrance at our York Street location. It cannot be used on any other keypad, door or gate within the Gardens.

When may I use it?
Fobs will only work during regular Gardens hours. They will not be active during concerts, during special events, for weather delays, or for early closures.

How many people may I bring in with my fob?
Entry is limited to the number of people you are normally allowed to admit with your membership.

What if I lose my fob? May I get a refund?
Fobs are non-refundable. If you lose your fob, please contact Denver Botanic Gardens Membership Department at 720-865-3692 so we can deactivate it immediately. Replacements cost is $25 per fob.

Why won’t my fob work?
Fobs may be deactivated if reported stolen or lost, when there has been recorded misuse, or when a person’s membership expires. We will notify you via email when deactivating the fob.

Why is there a renewal fee?
A $10 annual renewal fee will be charged upon your next membership renewal. This fee is to help maintain the fob system.

Do I need to live in the neighborhood?
No. Anyone who is an active member and who wishes to purchase a fob may do so.

For more information about fobs, please call 720-865-3692 or email membership at membership@botanicgardens.org.