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Capital Campaign

Help the Gardens Grow!
Master Development Plan Total (including Flourish Capital Campaign): $73 Million
Flourish Capital Campaign Only: $42.88 Million

Much as plants reach deep into the earth for life-giving nourishment, Denver Botanic Gardens is extending ever more deeply into the community for the support we need to grow and flourish. Soon the Gardens will become an even greater source of civic pride, a model of sustainability and a center of excellence for future generations.

View a PDF of our Master Development Plan (24MB). There are 90 graphics-intensive pages, so it will take a few minutes to load. 

Tending to today's Gardens, preparing for tomorrow's

Our Flourish Capital Campaign is like a spring day, when the air is fresh and full of promise. It is impressive in scope, elegant in design and thoughtful in realization. Here are some highlights as of October 2013:

Botanic Gardens Capital Campaign
phase 4
$17,250,000 - Capital Campaign
› Two new herbaria
› Library/Research Center
› Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory renovation
phase 3
$10,480,000 - Capital Campaign
› Education Pavilion
› New Cafe
› Science Pyramid
› Community and test gardens
› Berm: maintenance and restrooms
phase 2
$28,160,000 - $13.1M Capital Campaign, $15M Certificates of Participation
› Mordecai Children’s Garden
› Bonfils-Stanton Visitor Center
› Underground parking w/ green roof
› Bonsai Pavilion/expanded Japanese Garden
› Waring Green
› Cheesman Gate
› Boettcher Memorial Hall renovation
phase 1
$18,585,000 - "Better Denver" 2007 bond initiative
› Greenhouse complex
› Irrigation system
› New public safety and accessibility features
phase 1
$486,658 - Precampaign fundraising
Phase 2 - 4 also includes: Technology, Interpretation, Chatfield Plan, Garden Enhancements and Endowment


See a poster showing the progress in meeting our goals.

We must sow before we can reap. The time has come to work shoulder-to-shoulder for the greater good of our community, our environment and all who come after us.

Our history speaks of visionaries and leaders who built a magical place on sacred land that has become world-renowned. With a detailed plan to point the way, and the support of our friends, we are embarking on the path to ensure Denver Botanic Gardens will forever flourish.

Join us on the journey.

Please call the Development Office at 720-865-3527 for more information.

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On Nov. 6, 2007, through the Better Denver Program, Denver citizens passed ballot initiatives to improve city facilities. This included the passage of bond issue “G”, providing more than $18 million for Denver Botanic Gardens’ urgent infrastructure repairs.

To follow the progress of the nearly 70 Better Denver Program projects, please visit www.denvergov.org/betterdenver