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Green Team

Green Inside and Out

Get your hands dirty with Denver Botanic Gardens Green Team. Our cross-departmental staff and volunteers are committed to growing earth-friendly practices at the Gardens and providing educational resources for the public. Visit and experience our greening internal operations, then take your new seeds of knowledge to help you flourish at home.

The mission of Denver Botanic Gardens’ Green Team is to support the Gardens’ core value of sustainability; we do this through a multifaceted program of environmental and educational initiatives that lead by example.

Green Your Life: Watch Your Water! Water lawns deeply and less frequently. Install a rain sensor for your irrigation system; many municipalities (including Denver) offer rebates for them. Read the Guide to Living Sustainably for more Green Your Life tips.

Interested in sustainable living at home, but don’t know where to start? Look no further! The Gardens’ classes, lectures, and programs include:

  • Yoga and meditation
  • Creating homemade all natural soap
  • Healthy and creative cooking
  • Raising chickens and goats in the city
  • Learning the tricks of growing your own garden

Looking for some other resources? Here are some of our favorites:

  • Denver Urban Gardens offers a variety of ways to learn about gardening and composting.
  • For educators, the EPA has an abundance of ways to teach parents and children environmentally friendly and sustainable habits.
  • Most local nurseries will recycle your used plastic pots. Visit www.gardencentersofcolorado.org to find a center near you.

You can play an essential role at Denver Botanic Gardens. As a Green Team volunteer you will educate and motivate visitors at the Gardens to live sustainability by staffing compost/recycling stations and promoting the Garden’s environmental efforts during special events throughout the year.

Interested in being a Green Team volunteer? Contact Volunteer Services by email at vol@botanicgardens.org or call 720-865-3609.

Want to help the Green Team grow? Donate to the Gardens today. And don’t forget to mention in the comments section that you would like your donation directed to the Green Team. Thank you for your support!

Sustainability is part of the Gardens
Under Greenprint Denver, Denver Botanic Gardens has created a sustainability management program. We continually set and achieve notable goals to increase the overall sustainability of both the Gardens and the City of Denver.

Here are some of those notable goals we have accomplished:

Green Inside and Out

  • The Bonfils-Stanton Visitor Center roof is home to solar panels. See a live demonstration of the CO2 emissions we prevent.
  • Blossoms of Light and Trail of Lights are brighter and greener than ever! We introduce more LED holiday lights each year.
  • We installed a green roof on top of Offshoots at the Gardens café in 2007 and a portion of the parking structure is covered by Mordecai Children’s Garden. These are among just a few of the green roofs in the country with public access.
  • Our Chatfield location has been home to a CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture) since 2010. Fruit and vegetable shares are purchased by members of the community and volunteers help with the growth and harvesting of the fresh produce.
  • We implemented plastic pot recycling and installed a large receptacle to collect all of our organization’s used plastic garden pots and trays.
  • The City of Denver received ISO certificates from NSF-ISR, recognizing our EMS certification in February 2010.