genetics laboratory technician 

Anna Schwabe, M.S.
Genetics Laboratory Technician
M.S. Biology: Plant Population Genetics, University of Northern Colorado, 2012
B.S Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Northern Colorado, 2009
Research Interest: 
Using genetic tools to gain insight into: Gene flow in rare plant species populations, hybridization between plant populations and taxonomic and morphologic questions
Conservation genetics of rare plant species
Using genetic information to identify plants for conservation priority

As an undergraduate I took a plant systematics class which unexpectedly and blissfully transformed my life and allowed me to realize that I have a passion for plants. Over the last few years I have been aggressively pursuing plant science and all things plant-related.

While completing my Bachelor of Science degree in molecular and cellular biology at UNC in 2009, I enrolled in the Botanical Illustration program at Denver Botanic Gardens and received my certification in botanical illustration in 2010. I went on to complete my Master of Biological Sciences degree in 2012 at UNC in plant population genetics under Dr. Mitchell McGlaughlin. My research emcompassed an extensive genetic analysis of hybridization and diversity of a rare Colorado cactus which was in collaboration with the Gardens. My experiences from studying, researching and illustrating plants have driven my aspiration to work surrounded by plants at the Gardens.

My resesarch at the Gardens genetics lab will focus on endemic and rare Colorado plant species with various questions that we will attempt to resolve using genetic tools. Genetic analyses can enhance our knowledge base, assist in answering questions of diversity, or confirm potential new plant species. The genetic work in my lab will aim to aid in taxonomic clarification, as well as aid in recovery and conservation efforts through the use of genetics.