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Speaker Profiles

June 2015: Lauren Springer Ogden

As a designer and author, Lauren creates habitat gardens for private clients, herself and the public. She believes that a gorgeous garden full of plants without wildlife value or a chaotic mishmash of unattractive wildlife plants will satisfy neither the gardener nor its creatures.

June 2015: David Salman

David is the founder of Santa Fe Greenhouses, a retail greenhouse and nursery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the High Country Gardens mail order catalog. He has extensive expertise in a wide range of horticultural endeavors including greenhouse production, propagating and growing native plants, commercial tree farming and ornamental plant breeding and development.

July 2015: Vera Stucky Evenson

Vera has been the curator of the Sam Mitchel Herbarium of Fungi at Denver Botanic Gardens since 1990. In the summer she collects mushrooms for the herbarium, works with the Colorado Mycological Society and teaches field courses at the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies. Her 1997 book, “Mushrooms of Colorado and the Southern Rocky Mountains,” was awarded the Gold Prize in Design by the Independent Publishers of Colorado and her new book, “Mushrooms of the Rocky Mountains: Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming,” was published this year.

August 2015: Michael Bone, Dan Johnson, Panayoti Kelaidis, Mike Kintgen and Larry G. Vickerman

Guests are treated to a lecture by some of the country’s top horticulturists. Join Denver Botanic Gardens’ Michael Bone (curator of steppe collection), Dan Johnson (curator of native plants & associate director of horticulture), Panayoti Kelaidis (senior curator and director of outreach), Mike Kintgen (curator of alpine collections) and Larry G. Vickerman (director, Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield).

September 2015: Bill McDorman

Bill is executive director and co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance (RMSA), a new nonprofit seed conservation organization serving the Rocky Mountain West. Previously, he was director of Native Seeds/SEARCH in Tucson, Arizona. Bill founded three seed companies including Seeds/Trust High Altitude Gardens and co-founded several nonprofits including the Sawtooth Botanical Garden in Hailey, Idaho. He is author of “Basic Seed Saving.” He and his wife created an innovative week-long training called Seed School, the educational centerpiece of RMSA.

October 2015: Penn and Cord Parmenter

Since 1992, Penn and Cord have been growing food at 8,120 ft. in the Wet Mountains of south-central Colorado. After facing the challenges of the wild west for over 20 years, they are now high-altitude food growing teachers and sustainable greenhouse designers.

October 2015: John Fielder

John has worked tirelessly to promote the protection of Colorado’s ranches, open space and wildlands during his 33-year career as a nature photographer and publisher. His photography has influenced people as well as legislation and over 40 books have been published depicting his Colorado photography. His latest book is “The Yampa River: Free Flowing & Wild Forever.”