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Your Dollar Goes Further on Wed, December 8


Bonfils Stanton Visitor CenterWater-Smart Garden in springWaterlilies in the Monet Pond

Many people like to give when it means their donation will be complemented by more money from others. On Wednesday, December 8 you can do just that, through Colorado Gives Day. By giving to Denver Botanic Gardens on December 8, through Colorado Gives Day, you can help us maximize the donations we receive.

Colorado Gives Day is an effort by local corporations and non-profits to encourage Colorado citizens to give $1 million in 24 hours. The donations will be increased through an incentive fund established by First Bank, honoring citizens’ generosity with simultaneous donations. The more money given to Denver Botanic Gardens on December 8, the larger the amount of the incentive fund we will get on top of the donations made.

To make this even better, 100% of the gifts designated to Denver Botanic Gardens on Colorado Gives Day through Giving First go to Denver Botanic Gardens. The Community First Foundation will pay all the credit card fees! Credit card fees can be up to 3% of each transaction – so again, your dollar goes farther on December 8.

Join me and others in supporting Denver Botanic Gardens on December 8.

Brian Vogt, CEO


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