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A Year of Eating Locally???


Lady with Chard

My garden has begun to provide my dinner nightly, and soon I will be going crazy trying to bottle, freeze, dry or eat everything it gives me. Eating locally is easy this time of year! If your own garden is not providing, then a dozen Farmer’s Markets are available with Colorado-grown vegetables, fruits, meat, honey, cheese, and more.

There is a lot of talk these days about the benefits of eating locally. Economically, buying locally produced food supports small farmers and the independent businesses who stock their goods. Local food is better for our health (and tastier!) because it is fresher, with a wide variety of interesting produce that hasn’t been hybridized for easy transport (but low flavor). And of course, buying Colorado-grown food is smart for the environment because it doesn’t have to be trucked across the country or flown from the Southern Hemisphere. It brings us more in touch with the seasons and connects us to what we’re eating and to the people producing it.

But how easy is it to do, here in Colorado? Sure, it’s no problem now, in the height of summer, but what happens when winter hits? I’m not convinced I can survive for a year on only Colorado-grown goods—what would I do without oranges, bananas and, yes, mangoes?—but I’m certain that paying closer attention to the provenance of my food will be an interesting journey for me over the coming year. Stay tuned to see how it goes…


Dominique Bayne

Ellen, I love what you are doing. I wrote my post at the same time as yours I think - I published mine and then saw yours. Interesting that we were both thinking about eating local at the same time.....

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