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Wonders of Africa



The symbol of Kirstenbosh, the National Botanical Garden in Capetown, is the Bird of Paradise. An amazing "albino" (which is missing the red pigment and has the still has the yellow pigment) was released a few years ago as Strelitzia reginae 'Mandela's Gold.' We were thrilled to see this in several places around Kirstenbosch and also in private gardens. But South Africa is not just for plant nerds. On the incredible drive down to Cape Point, where the Cape of Good Hope tapers to infinity between two booming oceans, we were thrilled to find Southern right whales cavorting as if to amuse us right at that mythical spot. We stopped at Simonstown and visited the Jackass Penguins and then there saw the baboon troop as we were leaving the National Park. As Pliny the Elder said, "there are no end of wonders out of Africa"...

Photos by Barbara Young, Tour Participant




HI Panayoti I like the quote from Pliny the Elder That says it all. how true it is! Visitng Kirstenbosch for the first time left me (for once) without words.:):)Am making serious plans to return in a couple of years.
Eve Gilmore

Ahh, what beauty we witnessed! Nice to revisit it here through someone else's lense. Your photos are amazing, Barbara! They truly look professional. What a nice ensemble too. I can't wait to see more of them early next year. Nice picks, Panayoti!

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