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Wildflowers Blooming at Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield


It's mid-June and the numerous wildflowers at Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield are just coming into full bloom.  The Gaillardia, several different Penstemon, and Spiderwort are in full bloom just east of the big red and white barn.  The Paintbrush have been spectacular this year and are still blooming.  The barn area is the most diverse and will be colorful into September.  The big planting on the north face of the amphitheater is just starting to bloom.  It will hit peak color in July and August well into September.  The weekend rains have soaked several new seedings done recently.  We should have excellent germination and some annuals blooming in these by August.  New areas are on the south side of the bridge, the chapel, and in the Adminstration Building parking median.  Enjoy!

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