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Wild Harvest: Illustrating Ethnobotanicals exhibit at Denver International Airport


Denver International Airport presents Wild Harvest: Illustrating Ethnobotanicals featuring 32 botanical illustrations from the Botanical Art and Illustration Program at Denver Botanic Gardens and material culture from the University of Denver Museum of Anthropology. The installation explores ethnobotany, the relationship between people and their uses of plants.

Wild Harvest: Illustrating Ethnobotanicals exhibit runs March 4 - June 5 at Denver International Airport in concourse A.

Even while we are surrounded by highly technical gadgets, plants continue to play a primary role in our lives. Illustrations and objects in the exhibition communicate this ongoing relationship, focusing on plants that have a particular use – textiles, clothing, tools, cosmetics, dues, construction, medicine, magic, or food. American Indian artifacts included in the show capture a rich cultural history and help to illuminate the complex connection between humans and plants.

The show runs March 4 - June 5, 2011 at the Denver International Airport in A Gates Mezzanine Gallery.

Check out photos of the installation and the botanical illustrations included in the show.

This exhibition is an ancillary component to the Gardens’ 2011 signature exhibition Native Roots | Modern Form: Plants, Peoples and the Art of Allan Houser.


Hillary VS associate

ERIN! this is so cool! I was just at the airport and I wish I would of read this earlier to check it out.. guess I need to make another trip soon to check out these pieces :)
Erin Algiere, E...

Hi Hilary - thanks for your comment. It <em>is</em> a great exhibit - illuminating to see plant illustrations paired with the plants' ethnobotanical uses. If you can't make it to the airport before June 5, 2011, there are photos on the Botanical Arts and Illustration Program page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Botanical-Illustration-Certificate-Program-at-Denver-Botanic-Gardens/102652848286

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