This Week at the Gardens: June 17th
…smells stinky! They are designed to smell and look like rotting meat, to attract their pollinators, which are flies. I think they are beautiful! See ours on the southeast end of the Perennial Walk, as well as in the Rock Alpine Garden. Penstemon-a-thon There are seemingly endless varieties of Penstemon, and most of them love our climate. You can see them all over the Gardens this week. And the peonies are still at...
This Week at the Gardens: June 10th
Stretches of brilliant iceplant (Delosperma) are impossible to miss. Find them in the Water-Smart Garden and the Welcome Garden, and in their own special bed in South African Plaza. One of my favorite flowers is Plant Select’s Penstemon grandiflora, which shows off in pastels in the Cottonwood Border, Plant Select Garden, and throughout the grounds. Roses are just getting started, however you can see lovely ones here and there, such as this shady...
This Week at the Gardens: May 27th
For instance, take a peek at the brilliant azalea bushes (Rhododendron ‘Rosy Lights’) currently loaded with blooms in the Oak Grove! Azaleas and their sisters—rhododendrons—do not do well in Colorado. They prefer an acid soil and a more predictable weather pattern. But with a certain amount of nurturing, we can occasionally get them to bloom for us. The Tree Peonies, which prefer cooler weather, are quite splendid at the moment. Find...
This Week at the Gardens: May 20th
This Week at the Gardens: May 13th
Lunaria annua is a pretty little reseeding annual, also known as money plant, for its coin-shaped seed pods. Find its magenta flowers sprinkled throughout the Perennial Walk. Right next to this tree, you can see and smell a marvelous daphne (Daphne x burkwoodii ‘Carol Mackie’. This Plant Select offering is spectacular for several weeks this time of year. Gardens Not to Miss: Perennial Walk just gets better and better; the Rock Alpine Garden...
Secret treasures at the Gardens
 This is peak season for the giant troughs in Wildflower Treasures. You can get a wonderful preview of the alpine summer this time of year in these gardens.  I especially enjoy watching how plants growing in the troughs seem to practically climb out and have spread around the troughs on the ground. There is far more of this Townsendia ranging free around the bona fide stone trough  pictured above, but...
This Week at the Gardens: April 29th
One of my favorite early perennials is the Prairie Smoke Geum, which doesn’t look a lot like its more familiar, later-blooming, Geum relatives. You can see a nice example in the Perennial Walk. Amidst all the crabs, plums, apples, and cherries that have been blooming over the past couple weeks, seek out a hidden gem: Prunus subhirtella “Autumnalis’, Winter Flowering Cherry, is still blooming just beyond the Ting in PlantAsia, along...
This Week at the Gardens: April 22nd
Speaking of peonies, the earliest are starting to open. In PlantAsia, the Paeonia tenuifolia is always a favorite, with bright red flowers on ferny leaves. Catch an eyeful of Euphorbia polychroma ‘Candy’ at the east end of the Water-Smart Garden. Or spend time admiring the bright green new leaves emerging everywhere.
The Weekly Bloom: April 15th
Blossoms, Galore Plum, cherry, crabapple, almond, lilac, Korean spice viburnum, redbud, quince just to name a few. Bulbs by the Bajillions Hyacinth, daffodil, tulip, checkerbloom, and the stunning Fritillaria persica. You’ll see bulbs everywhere you turn. Gardens Not to Miss: Pretty much all of them!
This Week in the Gardens: April 8th
Vistas of daffodils in the Lilac Garden, mobs of red tulips in the steppe area of PlantAsia, blossoms just beginning on crabapples and plums. Stop by the Cactus and Succulent House where huge blossoms are appearing this week—and quickly disappearing—on the largest cacti.