It's snow lovely
Wednesday's sudden snow may have been inconvenient for an evening commute, but it sure was lovely. Members who turned out for their night got a real treat, as long as they enjoyed the snow.  I popped out and grabbed a few shots before the flakes melted into my clothes.  Wednesday night was also the first time that Urban Nature has been on display for an audience.  Congratulations to everyone who put that together! ...
New Look at Home
I can't imagine most people who find this page won't have already discovered our home page has a new look. But it does, and so I want to say congratulations to everyone who brought it together!
Jewel of a Jade Vine
The jade vine is in full bloom! There are two long, hanging columns of flowers right now, with a few more to go.  Green flowers have the reputation of being subtle, but this is really wild!  I was up on the mezzanine, and a cluster of garden visitors was exclaiming over it.  We agreed that describing them as "green just doesn't really cover it."Since my previous post quoting Nick Snakenberg, the...
Jade Vine anticipation
It's a wonderful, bulbous life
When I wrote that bulbs have a tough life, I was looking at only one side of the story.  They have a wonderful life!  Just look at the exuberant Iris and Crocus and how they add color and exuberance to the early spring landscape.  They were under the snow earlier this week, but they really shook it off and kept going.
Orchid Show Today
  The Spring Orchid Show is up today and tomorrow (Saturday and Sunday, March 8 and 9).  I snapped this shot (above) of a Phragmipedium and feel lucky to have seen it.  It reminds of the ladyslipper orchids I used to see growing up in the Eastern woods.  But it was so red and striking!  I was quite taken with it.  But if its not to your fancy, look to the bottom photo and see what a range of blooming beauties the Denver Orchid Society has on display.
It's a tough, bulbous life.
    The life of a bulb is a tough one.  For the bulk of the year, the plant lives underground and dormant, enduring until it's time to shine.  These Iris just get themselves up and going and Sunday's snow put the brakes on. Nonetheless, winter will end and more and more bulbs and flowers will take advantage of warming spring to make their entry into life above ground.  Look at this series of three photos:...
Cheerful Crocus in Bloom
As I was walking through the crossroads toward the Boettcher Memorial Education Building, I met local garden writer Marcia Tatroe and her husband Randy photographing Yucca and Dasylirion. We chatted about the lovely day, and then Marcia turned me on to some Crocus blooming in the Water-Smart Garden. What a lovely cheerful yellow! It was perfect for the day and the hour.
Snowdrop Blooming in the Rock Alpine Garden
Escape to the Tropics
If you are looking for something amazing to do at the Gardens right now, visit our Cloud Forest Tree exhibit, at the west end of the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory. The Cloud Forest Tree and the Boettcher Tropical Conservatory always have something blooming, so even when it is cold and snowy in Denver, you can escape to the tropics at Denver Botanic Gardens.