Finally, out to the veldt!
Although I have been to Capetown on all of my six trips to South Africa, this was the first one where I managed to actually get to the top of Table Mountains. On other trips the crowds were too big or the weather too blustery, but Saturday, the sun was shining gloriously, and although it was a tad windy and a few clouds kept threatening to close in, we had a...
The Autumn Leaves in Montreal, Canada
Natives in fall
The benefits of growing native plants are many - they are easy to grow, they increase native biodiversity, they reduce the risk of introducing invasives, and they use little water to name a few. In fall though, probably more than any other time of year, the overriding reason is their beauty.
Capetown: Garden city of South Africa
South Africa - Formal Gardens and an Amaryllid
Ah, Africa!
Leaves of Grass: Autumnal bounty
Is it a coincidence that Walt Whitman named his revolutionary collection of poetry "Leaves of Grass"? Grass is the dominant vegetation in our region, and ornamental grasses have revolutionized horticulture across America in recent decades. If I had to pick a favorite grass, right now I would have to say that Giant Sacaton (Sporobolus wrightii) jostles at the top of my list with Indian Grass (Sorghastrum nutans) and a dozen or more other contenders.
Wildflower extravaganza right now!
Recondite plant #3 Scheer's ball cactus
More recondite plants #2: hardy giant pelargoniums on rampage!