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Wetting the Appetite with a Classical Tropical Waterlily


We are all anxious and ready for the fireworks to begin. The exotic tropical waterlilies are planted in 7 gal. containers in mid-June at Denver Botanic Gardens, when the water temperature remains over 70 degrees F.

Nymphaea ‘Aquarius’ is one of our very special “historical” tropical waterlilies. The plants are started from tubers in March or April. Our exciting new greenhouse complex will include a state-of- the-art propagation facility.

The lovely N. ‘Aquarius’ was hybridized by legendary horticulturist Patrick Nutt of Longwood Gardens. The large cup-shaped flowers are wonderfully fragrant.

Patrick Nutt was one of my early mentors and continues to help with the renowned water gardens at Longwood Gardens.

Senior Horticulturist Tim Jennings is currently responsible for the Longwood displays.



Tom H.
Joe, I met you few back during the AZH conf.. I am currently helping Naples Botanical Garden source water lilies from Brazil. Species would be great and then any cultivars that might have developed in Brazil or named for Brazil. Also any ideas on locating Victoria cruziana? Many thanks..
Joan Kind
Did you intend a pun or did you just spell "whetting" wrong?
Doris Boardman
I will definitely keep an eye on that little treasure. Thank you so much for letting me know!
Doris Boardman
Joe - Absolutely stunning photo. Can't wait to see these blooming. When is peak bloom time for Nymphaea ‘Aquarius’?
Joe Tomocik
Dear Joan, I lay claim to the pun idea. Thank you very much for responding. Joe T.
Joe Tomocik
Dear Doris, Just today a flowering N. 'Aquarius' was placed in the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory pool. With a little luck, the waterlily will bloom nicely well into the summer. Check it out! Best wishes, Joe T.

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