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The Weekly Bloom: Week of March 25th


Okay, so the blooms are still covered with snow, but that in itself is worth coming out for...

A small but enthusiastic bunch of visitors were at our gates when we opened on Wednesday, eager to see the Gardens and sculptures marvelously transformed by nine inches of heavy spring snow. If you didn’t make it out into the wonderland this week, here is a bit of what you missed…



Heather Ormsby

Beautiful photographs. I wish I was there that morning with my own camera instead of at work! The sculptures are especially enchanting.
Ellen Hertzman

We may yet get another chance to see them under snow this spring--you never know around here!
Benjamin Hill

Hi Ellen, Very beautiful! I was there last Monday and it was so beautiful. Can I get an idea of when the magnolia tree will bloom? I look forward to hearing back from you, Ben
Ellen Hertzman

Hi, Ben. The magnolias at the Waring House are blooming already: one is in full bloom and the other is just beginning. See those by entering the Waring garden from 9th Ave. As for the mag in the Rock Alpine Garden, Mike K. tells me it is at least a week or two off, more if the weather is cool.

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