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This Week at the Gardens: November 18th


Fair enough, Panayoti! But just because I appreciate the Gardens under cover of snow, doesn’t mean I can’t track down November blooms, as well. Take a look at these!

This rose isn’t called ‘Stanwell Perpetual’ for nothing. It is still throwing out buds and has many white flowers on it. There are several to admire in the Fragrance Garden.

Dead tree? No—deciduous conifer! This Siberian larch (Larix sibirica), along with other trees such as the bald cypress, loses its needles each fall, only to grow a soft green new coat in the spring. Find several in PlantAsia, and admire the golden glow of the needles in the sun.

One of my favorite shrubs for autumn color as well as spring fragrance is the Korean spice viburnum (Viburnum carlesii). This is a great plant for our area, and grows in shade or sun, though it doesn’t like to get too dry.

The Rock Alpine Garden is a treasure trove any month of the year. I’m guessing that it’s possible to find something in bloom there just about any time you look closely. Let these tiny jewels brighten your day.


Panayoti Kelaidis

You win, Ellen! Gorgeous assortment of plants. Love your pictures of the Rose, the Viburnums (I tried to get a picture and didn't quite capture that glowing burgundy like you did) and the rest...amazing how things keep blooming even after two photogenic snows, and lots of cold nights!

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