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This Week at the Gardens: February 18th


Partly Winter with a Chance of Spring
Although I am a big fan of winter at the Gardens—and I’m not the only one—about this time of year I can’t help but keep my eyes open for the earliest signs of spring’s approach.

The first crocus in my home garden has bloomed faithfully on February 22nd every year since it was planted, and, as far as I’m concerned, that signals spring as surely as the opening pitch of the season.

Here at the Gardens, you can see harbingers everywhere, from Shady Lane to the Rock Alpine Garden, the Waring Garden to June's PlantAsia. So though the wind is a chilly still, and we know for sure we are due for more snow before we’re done, a walk in the Gardens this week reveals sure signs of blooms to come.


Ellen Hertzman

Hi, Ben-- One of the Witch Hazel plants in the Waring Garden is just past its peak but still bearing some yellow flags. Another is not yet open.
Benny Hill

EXCITING!!! Thank you. I may come down tomorrow. Any sign of the Witch Hazel yet? Thank you in advance, Ben
Benny Hill

Hi Ellen, Thank you for the update. I did not make it down but will definitely be there Saturday. Do you think I will be too late? Where is the other located? Thank you again, Ben
Ellen Hertzman

Ben-- I just went out to check. The Witch Hazel (Hamamelis) is definitely past its prime bloom, and the Winter Hazel (Corylopsis) doesn't look ready to start any time soon. They are right next to each other in the Waring Garden, accessible to the public from 9th Avenue.

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