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Waterlilies on Fire at the Gardens


Romantic Pool ablazeFlowering abundantly and gloriously at the Welcome Garden and Romantic Garden pools are the Gardens' signature Rocky Mountain Legacy Collection (RMLC) waterlilies.

Visitors will be treated to an unforgettable display of magical, mesmerizing, delectable waterlilies. See some closeups of these beauties:

Classical Nymphaea 'Bea Taplin' Profusely flowering N. Denver's Delight

Brilliant N. 'Joey Tomocik'Have fun!


Charles B. Thomas

Thank you, Joe Tomocik, for sharing these photos for all to see. ♥ them! I hope you'll post more before the season ends.
Irene Shepard

Just discovered that when I hover over the picture with my curser I get the name! Thanks anyway!
Irene Shepard

Joe, I wonder if you could tell us the names of the beauties above? I think the white one is 'Bea Toplin.' What about the other two?? Many thanks.

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