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Urban Nature is on its Way



I saw works by a few of the artists contributing this summer's Urban Nature exhibit here at Denver Botanic Gardens on York Street just recently. Their work is so striking! Unfortunately, the official announcement of the material is still under wraps so all I can say is "It's gonna be great! Stay tuned!"

Fortunately, I can say that Rick Darke's public appearance on April 1st is titled In Your Face: Ethics and Urban Ecology. Both prolific writer and speaker, he seems perfect to set the stage for a conversation here in Denver. The New York Times recently visited his home in Pennsylvania to learn about his world gardening philosophy. According to the article, Mr. Darke said, “A sensible palette takes a global ethic. You never want to do anything potentially damaging to any habitat. But if we are going to keep spaces green around the world, we can’t restrict the garden to plants that existed before anybody touched it.”

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