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Trip van Winkle...


Capacious east-west terrace in front of Orangerie

So I'm gone for a few weeks and I come back to a new office, a whole new greenhouse complex, a new Marnie's  Pavilion and fabulous plaza all planted, the Orangerie brimming with wonderful combinations of plants in elegant pots, the new Terrace off to the West overlooking the big waterlily pond and new Plant Select garden bristling with Salvia darcyi buzzing with hummingbirds...and a whole lot more (Children's Garden, Hort. offices, Hibiscus classroom, more bathrooms: yippee!). I feel I've been gone for twenty years--or more. Where is the  little provincial garden I first came to work at when the Development Department, the Marketing and Events Department, the Education Department, the Volunteer office and a whole lot more consisted of just Margaret Sykes Wallace? (And she did a bangup job too!). Where is that sleepy little Garden where we had free admission and there were fewer people visiting back then on a Saturday than we now get on a slow Monday morning? As I jostle the everyday crowds, nowadays, and try to dodge the incessantly clicking cameras as visitors try to capture each of the tens of thousands of wonderful views...I truly feel like Trip Van Winkle (and I confess...I LOVE it!)



Ellen Hertzman

Also, for open space, be sure to visit our Chatfield location: 750 acres of space with hardly a patch of hardscape in sight!

Yes it is all nice and will allow the Gardens to function much more efficiently. But it is just more hardscape in a garden with limited square footage for planting and cultivation. I realize that it is a necessity for progress but I think something is lost when we pour more concrete and erect more steel. Give me open space in a garden any time... Just my humble opinion!
Panayoti Kelaidis

Nobody loves plants and gardens more than I do: the beauty of this capital campaign is that it has focused almost entirely on the current hardscape footprint: all the buildings I speak of above replace delapidated and substandard construction. The new stuff is not only vastly more useful and beautiful, it has created far better viewing platforms for the existing gardens, and opened up NEW fabulous gardens space. Do not despair! I am very impressed with the vision and execution that Tryba and Associates and Phipps construction have brought to DBG. I hope you will check it out and I think you will agree!

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