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Top 100 Botany Blogs


Thank you, Online College Blog, for including us in your Top 100 list of botany blogs. We are honored by this acknowledgment. Our blog started in February 2008--we've come a long way in such a short time!

Enjoy exploring the list. "Students of botany and amateur plant enthusiasts alike can take advantage of the information offered up by these bloggers." Look for us under Botanic Gardens, #98.




Congratulations on being in the Top 100! That's great news.
Doris Boardman

Thanks, Brandon! You helped inspire us to blog. Many thanks to all that got us there and keep us there . . . to our Bridgeline peeps that designed and promoted the blog, and trained and encouraged us (you all know who you are); and to all of the wonderful DBG authors that continue to amaze me with your blog entries. I salute you all.

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