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A surprising 65 degrees today, in January!


It was a record-breaking 71 degrees and sunny yesterday, too. Just enough warm weather lately to coax out some early bloomers. The hellebores (Helleborus spp.) and witch hazel (Hamamelis species) are already starting to bloom in the garden just south and southeast of the Waring House at 909 York Street. And the hellebores are just covered with bees! Truly an early sign of spring . . .


Panayoti Kelaidis

I have Adonis vernalis, Helleborus niger and Sterbergia candida all blooming at my home. And Dan Johnson told me there were crocuses up in the Water-Smart Garden. Mike Kintgen said there were snowdrops out at his parents two weeks ago. That makes 6 things in bloom in mid January: not bad!
Doris Boardman

PK--it seems like spring is just around the corner (except for the snow forecast for today)! I saw the tiny yellow crocus blooming in the Water-Smart Garden. So sweet.
Ellen Hertzman

Don't forget the Erica darleyensis with its teeny tiny dark pink blooms, also at the Waring House.

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