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Spring is here


Iris reticulata by Scott Dressel-Martin

Although it has felt like spring for weeks in Denver and temperatures have been steadily above average, spring has officially arrived at the Gardens. Time for new growth and more change.

The same is happening at this very moment just outside the Gardens' gates--the old Gatehouse on York Street is almost entirely demolished. These photos, taken yesterday by Scott, show some ceremonial sledgehammer swings at the old Gatehouse. A chance to say goodbye to the old (using sledgehammers!) and get ready for the new.

 Brian Vogt, CEO 

Ellen Hertzman, Visitor Services Manager Visitor Services staff and other Gardens' employees

Find a peaceful oasis inside our gates with more flowers blooming every day. Come visit soon. The temporary Gate House is located inside the parking lot just north of the main building. Signage is in place to direct visitors to the temporary entrance.


Ellen Hertzman

Our love/hate relationship with the old gatehouse has come to an end. Here's to a new, beautiful, and welcoming Visitor Center, rising from the ashes!

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