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With a sigh and a song

Photo of Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Amphitheater, by Scott Dressel-Martin
Photo of Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Amphitheater by Scott Dressel-Martin


Ambassador Jan here! Can I just tell you that the Chris Isaak concert last Sunday at Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield was a LUMINOUS event?!!

I arrived before the gates opened so I could prepare to help you find the BEST spot in the coolest, greenest grass-carpeted venue around. This event marked the first summer concert at Chatfield since the amphitheater has been renovated and it was, dreamily, like stepping into a classic movie. The Wizard of Oz comes to mind….

YOU, our favorite guests, rolled in and rolled about with your gourmet picnics and your uber-cool picnicking comforts AND we drooled over fresh bratwurst at the Offshoots grill. The sunlit clouds lolled in and around us too.

CEO Brian Vogt then took the stage and welcomed us (so sweet!): "Clouds to the north and clouds to the south, but nothin' but blue skies and fresh breezes for us in between!" Well, maybe that’s not a direct quote (it's close!)… but he brought a verifiable smile to our collective faces and no sooner had he pronounced the good weather than the sky took a breath in...

… and then it breathed out a sigh and a song. 

I hope you are planning to see The Pretenders this coming Saturday with me (there is still time to buy tickets)! And maybe the sky will sigh for you too. It will definitely sing.

See you in the Gardens!

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