What is your favorite plant?
  This is a question I get asked quite frequently. To me as a horticulturist and a plant lover, it is a very complex question to answer. It is like asking a mom to choose her favorite child. Each plant has its own unique individuality from its growth habit to flower color, some desirable and others not quite so. Trialing various plants to determine their adaptability to a particular region is...
Seen-Again Trees
Neighborhoods in Bloom
I want to express my appreciation for the neighborhoods all around Denver for making the effort to grow plants well and to grow great plants.  Some credit undoubtedly goes to the city, but a lot should be generously poured over all the home owners and residents who take the time to make their block and their neighborhood a little bit better. What sparked this little epiphany of mine was that...
A Fire Renews: See the Results for Earth Day
  Remember that photographic puzzler I posted? Well, yes, the answer seems to have been widely known: the Laura Smith Porter Plains Garden was undergoing its every-few-years renewal burning. The other, exciting picture above captures a bit of the day, and the other shows blackened swaths. The sedate pictures below reveal the exciting success of the burn.    
It's a wonderful, bulbous life
When I wrote that bulbs have a tough life, I was looking at only one side of the story.  They have a wonderful life!  Just look at the exuberant Iris and Crocus and how they add color and exuberance to the early spring landscape.  They were under the snow earlier this week, but they really shook it off and kept going.
Spring Comes Quickly
The melt-off seems terrifically quick after such a thorough snow storm.  Spring will take hold before you know it.  Now is a great time to watch a garden for changes between one day and the next.  Come stroll through the Gardens and see the transformations right before your eyes.
It's a tough, bulbous life.
    The life of a bulb is a tough one.  For the bulk of the year, the plant lives underground and dormant, enduring until it's time to shine.  These Iris just get themselves up and going and Sunday's snow put the brakes on. Nonetheless, winter will end and more and more bulbs and flowers will take advantage of warming spring to make their entry into life above ground.  Look at this series of three photos:...
Cheerful Crocus in Bloom
As I was walking through the crossroads toward the Boettcher Memorial Education Building, I met local garden writer Marcia Tatroe and her husband Randy photographing Yucca and Dasylirion. We chatted about the lovely day, and then Marcia turned me on to some Crocus blooming in the Water-Smart Garden. What a lovely cheerful yellow! It was perfect for the day and the hour.
Rocky Mountain Gardening is just that--gardening through the length of the Rocky Mountains, which means that the climates are vastly varied. Denver is a mile above sea level and seems dry and windy, but compare that to the top a fourteener (that’s a mountain reaching 14,000 feet)! I’ve already heard stories about gardening in idyllic mountain towns, in sheltered valleys, in urban college towns, and on windswept steppes. So it’s...