Gardens are wonderful. Understatement! Gardens (and the plants that inhabit them) provide so much to humanity, a Valentine ode seems appropriate. O, Gardens, I love thee because:
Spells of fairly warm winter weather are a hallmark of Colorado’s Front Range, providing us lucky residents a great chance to spend some time outdoors when our more easterly neighbors remain oppressed by grey cold.  Conifers are great for some winter greenery both in the wild and in gardens, but don’t overlook their more evolved cousins, broad-leaved evergreens.  Like the coniferous sort, broad-leaved evergreens hold
white ash
  Fraxinus americana 'Autumn Purple'           (White Ash)
Giant weeping elm at Regis University Arboretum
   Weeping American elm 
Scott Skogerboe and a special maple...
   Scott Skogerboe and mystery maple...
Eriogonum corymbosum 'San Rafael'
  Eriogonum corymbosum 'San Rafael'
Angelic faeries at the dedication....
  Orchard garden at Santa Fe Botanical Garden
This week we’ve taken a few minutes from our busy schedules to consider pollinators and all they do for us and our environment. An earlier post advocated creating a pollinator-friendly habitat around your home or acreage. Here at the Gardens we’ve taken on that challenge as well.
Growing Berries on the Front Range
There is nothing like a fresh raspberry right from your very own yard.  Feeling intimidated, though, about your likelihood of success with the berries?  Come to the Gardens and learn from the pros and you can be picking your first raspberry before you know it. The easiest path to raspberry growing success is to grow the fall types. These turn a normal second year bearing plant into a plant that will...
It’s the year of Catalyst
So many things serve as catalysts at the Gardens. The most important, of course, is Mother Nature. Changing light and temperature provokes massive changes throughout, from the inklings of crocus to the ripening of vegetables. Scientists nestled behind our greenhouses combine plant cells with a growing medium and a controlled environment to propagate an unlimited number of new plants. Classes, from the New Gardener Boot Camp to Botanic Illustration, stimulate all...