Rick Darke a Bright Light


Panayoti Kelaidis (left) and Rick Darke

Rick Darke (standing on the right) gave us a terrific show last night, a bright light among our constellations of illuminating programs.  In an age of CGI movies, it's not every speaker who can hold an audience spellbound with images and ideas.  But everyone there was treated to a worldwide, whirlwind tour of the ways that plants and urban spaces interact.  His pictures ranged from great horticulture in urban parks, to forgotten spaces being reclamed by plants, to human-intended reclamation, to serendipitous natural beauty.  We saw plants succeeding in a former California gas station, an abandoned Manhattan elevated train, a cement works in New Zealand, and a former steel mill in Dusseldorf, Germany.  There are so many possibilities!  So many contenders for a new ideal.

Urban Nature is shaping up to a terrific, relevant exhibit.  I'm so curious to see the art work and eager to start connecting people to plants.  Join Denver Botanic Gardens now to come to the members only preview in mid-April!

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