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Rare Opportunity.


Most often, we at Denver Botanic Gardens focus on plants, but there is something else spectacular here. Since the dedication of the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory in 1966, we have also been known for our architecture. Recent additions to the DBG campus by Tryba Architects have gracefully considered the mid-century buildings of Hornbein & White. Learn more through The Gardens’ Landmarks in Context, a small interpretive exhibit in the El Pomar Room that surveys the architects and landscape architects that have contributed to the Gardens. It will be on view until early February. Don’t miss the cell phone tour that illuminates architectural details.

Join us on January 7, at 6:30 in Gates Hall to hear award-winning architect David Tryba discuss the historical context of his creative decisions. On a journey with the architect, explore the opportunities and challenges of designing under the shadow of one of Denver’s most famous buildings.

Entrance to the Boettcher Memorial Center, ca. 1972


Mary Lou Waldman

Kim, the exhibit on architects in the El Pomar Room is beautiful, very appropriate for the space and very informative. I have told several library patrons to see it, especially one who volunteered that she loved our building.

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