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Part Two: A Green Roof in the City


It is amazing to look back over the past year and see the amazing transformation that Mordecai Children's Garden Green Roof has gone through.

Fall 2010: The garden began to establish, welcoming families to experience the alpine ecosystem.


Spring 2011:  Opening for the first spring season, everyone was waiting in anticipation to see how the garden survived the winter.  The dry winter and high winds created a harsh environment for the new plantings.


Summer 2011:  The garden came to life with beautiful color.  In just over a year, 656 taxa, from 83 families have been planted.  This includes the the 10,000 bulbs added in 2010 and the addition of 5,000 bulbs in 2011.


Fall 2011: The garden continues to be an educational and inviting space for the thousands of visitors that come to experience this small oasis in the city.


Winter 2011: As the garden closes for the winter season, we can only imagine the potential for next year.

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