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Our New Visitor Center Welcomes You!


The Gardens have never looked better. So much is in bloom thanks to all of the recent rain and the expertise of our horticulturists. Although it may look like things are not fully open at the Gardens when you drive by our entrance on York Street! Rest assured we are open with over 100 new parking spaces available on the lower level (enter on York Street) in our new parking garage. No cost for parking. The parking structure will be opened in phases. The second level, with another 100 spaces, is expected to open in the next few days. Gardens’ staff members and landscape contractors are in the process of planting 6,853 plants, including trees, vines and shrubs, on both sides of and throughout the structure.

Linda Maich, one of our friendly Visitor Services staff members. 

And the Bonfils-Stanton Visitor Center is absolutely stunning. When you enter, you can purchase your tickets to the Gardens on your right. Very soon you will be able to purchase your Gardens entry tickets using our new ticketing kiosks. The new Shop at the Gardens gift shop is to your left. You’ll find all-natural gifts, plants, gardening supplies, books, and tons more--even dinosaur slippers for the kids.

And one of the traditions that took place at the old Gatehouse is still in place in our new Visitor Center. Many people in the neighborhood dropped by while walking their dogs and their dog got a treat at the old Gatehouse window.  See our blog entry from June 27 last year to see some of our furry friends. With the spacious new Visitor Center, visitors now bring their dogs into the Visitor Center to get their treats. Dogs are not allowed into the Gardens, however their owners can get out of the hot sun for a few moments while their dog gets a treat. And we can now pet them since we don’t have that tiny little window as a barrier between us.

Come visit soon. Entrance into the Visitor Center is free. And so are the dog treats!



Brian Vogt

I was just in the amazing Bonfils-Stanton Visitor Center and, along with talking with a good number of shoppers, had the chance to meet Ziggy, a small white dog that looked exactly like a stuffed animal. The dogs seem to be enjoying the air conditioning as much as the treats.
Doris Boardman,...

Brian, I agree! The dogs seem very happy with the new arrangement. With the improved Visitor Center experience, our neighbors (with their dogs!) and visitors will be able enjoy a richer interaction with our Visitor Services staff, Gardens Ambassadors and all staff in general. We can all finally meet face-to-face instead of through a thick glass window with a tiny opening. I now truly enjoy spending time talking to our visitors as they pass through the Visitor Center when I am lucky enough to get a chance to stop by. I was not able to experience that with the old Gatehouse. I love the new face-to-face communication.
Ellen Hertzman

Our doggie customers (and our human customers!) are giving us great feedback about the new space. And the beautiful new Denver Botanic Gardens signs on both the Visitor Center and the Parking Garage announce proudly that we have entered a new age.

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