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Nymphaea 'St. Louis Gold'


The brilliant yellow tropical waterlily Nymphaea ‘St. Louis Gold’ is lighting up the propagation greenhouse at Denver Botanic Gardens. Possibly the brightest yellow waterlily of all, ‘St. Louis Gold’ was hybridized by the legendary Dr. George H. Pring. With ample light and water temperatures above 70 degrees, tropical waterlilies can flower even during the winter months, adding fragrance and excitement to your home or greenhouse.



It's a shame the local/regional nurseries don't sell water plants (or very many, at least) this time of year. ...Or do they and I've somehow missed the boat? It seems like a nice, slightly more sophisticated alternative to typical winter gardening promotions like fairy gardening. Don't suppose there are interior water garden workshops at the DBG this winter, either... I haven't seen any in my newsletters.
Joe Tomocik

The Colorado Water Garden Society hosts a water gardening seminar each April at Denver Botanic Gardens. An excellent resource is Water Gardeners International. Nelson Water Gardens and Lilypons Water Gardens are superb and you might be able to order waterlilies from them now. Get the Gardens' highly touted book "Gardening with Altitude: Cultivating a New Western Style." <a href="http://www.botanicgardens.org/content/gardening-with-altitude" rel="nofollow"><strong>Click here</strong></a> to find out more about this book on our Web site. Good Luck!

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