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New Look at Home



I can't imagine most people who find this page won't have already discovered our home page has a new look. But it does, and so I want to say congratulations to everyone who brought it together!

One of my favorite features is the what's blooming link which features a few, special chosen plants.  As much as I also notice whats in bloom, these listings are really well-crafted and chosen to show you what's happening.  In particular, I can't believe I nearly missed the snake’s head fritillary (at the top of the page)!  At one time, this was one of my favorite plants because it came up reliably at at time of year when I had no idea what else would show.  Also, almost no one else knew it and I got to share.

If memory serves me, Fritillaria meleagris is also known as "leper lily," possibly because the "checkered" and mottled appearance of the flowers reminded medieval Europeans of leprosy symptoms or possibly because lepers wore bells about the same size and shape to warn healthy citizens away.



I actually have the opposite opinion of the website - I think there is way too much going on on the homepage and the beautiful picture of the tulip takes up prime real estate. The drop down menu is nice though.
Kirk Bohn

Matt: The new website looks Awesome!!!! The web team at the Gardens and the group over at Indigio are the BEST!!!
Beth Lee

A postscript to my blog: I tried calling what was an old phone number (not is service); then looked up number in current phone book (also not in service); hence my blog asking about hours of your snack bar on Friday, June 13. Thanks for your help in reply.
Beth Lee

I am trying to find out whether your lunch/snack bar is open on Friday, June 13 and if so, how late is it open? A friend and I want to come and see the garden that day, but I have an obligation in Lakewood that morning until about 12:30. May we plan to get a bite in the Garden at about 1:00 p.m. that day, or must we find a place to eat beforehand? The pictures on your web site are lovely; looking forward to seeing the real things!

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