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The new Darlene Radichel Plant Select Garden


I have always considered myself very fortunate to be part of the Gardens' horticulture team, but right now, as part of the team creating the new Darlene Radichel Plant Select Garden, I feel it even more so. This new garden, located on the former site of the Monet Garden, will showcase the many plants selected and promoted by the Plant Select program since its inception 10-15 years ago.

These are plants which are unusually well-suited to thrive in our area, our soils, and our climate supporting home-owners in their quest to garden beautifully within the scope of our region's available resources. Like many, I was sad to see the Monet Garden go. But its multitude of perennials, roses, trees, and decor now enhance so many other parts of the Gardens, and working to bring this new garden to life in its place has made me very enthusiastic about this new garden opportunity.

As you can see in this photo, the structure of the  new garden is already established replete with new irrigation, pathways, lighting and beautiful stone walls. In the next month or so you will see the pergola erected providing shady seating overlooking the nearby pond with its beautiful waterlilies, more soil brought in to vary and complete the terrain and, finally, the plant installation itself.

Stop by periodically to watch this garden take shape alongside the many other new and blossoming spaces here at the Gardens. To learn more about Plant Select and its plants click here.


Pat Hayward

The Plant Select Propagation Committee was able to visit the new garden in person two weeks ago, and we were all amazed at the size of the area, as well as the wonderful location. We liked the idea that it will showcase a wide variety of plants, providing special focus on the new "winners" for each year as well as those that have been in the program for a longer time. This will be a great opportunity to see many of the plants in one place. Thanks so much for keeping us all informed of the progress!
Doris Boardman

Sonya, I have enjoyed showing the Plant Select garden strip (south of the Waring House on on 9th Avenue) to visitors that come by the Waring House, however Plant Select has such an amazing variety that is just not represented in that small area. It's wonderful to now have an entire garden to showcase Plant Select's beauty. Thanks for the blog update, and for keeping us up-to-date on this exciting new garden!
Karen Zeissig

I'm very excited about this! It's a great program and those that are not familiar with it will be able to really "see" what these plants can do.Thank you.

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