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The New Community Garden: An Urban Community Treasure


After much anticipation, the community garden plots were laid out this week. The creation of this garden has taken well over a year. Back and forth negotiations with Denver Water to acquire their property at Congress Park, community meetings, planning and implementation, all these have been truly a joint effort by many people. [gallery]

Last year, the community gardeners at Denver Botanic Gardens’ Waring/Gaylord Community Garden were requested to clear their plots in order to accommodate visitor parking during the construction of our new parking lot. Accommodations were made to store plants and miscellaneous garden ornaments and hardscape materials. All this while, DBG leadership, led by Thomas Aljinovich, Director of Operations, was working with Denver Water to accomplish acquisition of the Denver Water’s recycled water facility at Congress Park as the future site of our new community garden. Many community meetings were held to get community input regarding neighborhood impact and assist with planning of garden design.

With assistance from Denver Urban Gardens and utilizing community input, an amazing garden design has been created, which will accommodate 108 gardeners. All gardeners who held a plot at the Waring/Gaylord site, new gardeners from the Congress Park neighborhood and many on our waiting list now have a plot at this new site. Under the supervision of Senior Horticulturist, Maria Bumgarner, volunteers laid out plots over four work sessions. Planting will start soon hereafter.

In an age when people have an urge to get back to their agricultural roots, this community garden will be a community treasure bringing the joy of gardening in an urban area. And this truly has been a community effort.


Stacy Connell

Do you have any garden plots available for the 2010 season? I live at Cedar & Pennsylvania so something in that area would be great! Thanks, stace
Sarah Kulin

HI, I'm currently a member at DBG and would like to apply for a plot this coming spring, 2011. Last summer I helped Lucinda Packard with her plot and would like to have that same plot it Lucinda hasn't renewed for this coming summer. Please contact me at my email sarahekulin@gmail.com or by phone 720-839-6161 for info as to whom I can apply for a plot. looking forward to hearing from you! Cheers, Sarah
Beth Sturges

I am interested in a garden plot for this coming season, 2011. Thanks, Beth S

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