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Natural Egg Dyeing Class


When I was a kid, the greatest thing in spring was when my mom picked up the Paas Easter Egg Kit at the grocery store. Those fizzy tablets allowed us to dye our eggs bright cartoon colors, and my brother and I were each allowed one dozen eggs to do with as we pleased. To this day, I can't smell vineger without getting nostalgic.

Eventually, though, I started experimenting with other ways to color eggs, and I discovered that many common plant and food materials provide beautiful, very un-Paas-like colors. In our Natural Egg Dyeing class, offered April 1 ( just in time for Easter), you'll learn how to use natural ingredients to create stunning colors. You'll find out which items work and which don't. You'll take home a beautiful set of eggs, plus the know-how to try out your own materials.

To find out more and register for the class, just click here.

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