More than just the plants are growing this winter at Denver Botanic Gardens


For our more fair weather visitors (you know who you are!), many have not stopped by the Gardens since those first snowflakes fell in October or have not  ventured beyond the safe tropical confines of Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory. You might be surprised to learn of the many changes happening seemingly overnight as we continue to transform and evolve, guided by our Master Development Plan.

Although I am here every day, I admit that I, too, sometimes forget to take a few moments to walk throughout the whole garden to truly soak it all in.  As I took advantage of the balmy 40 degree weather yesterday, I was shocked and amazed to turn the corner and see the extent to which our new greenhouse complex was rising out of the ground.

Thanks to the diligence of the amazing construction crew from GH Phipps, and despite the seemingly unusual amount of snow and cold this winter (at least to this California girl!), the main floor is complete and the walls seem to get higher every day. An army of construction workers were swarming like ants over the structure as the complex seemed evolve just in the few moments I was watching.

Two of GH Phipps' finest

Of course, it would be pretty boring over here if we only had one construction project going on at a time.  At the same rate, it would take a short novel to list all of the projects we are working on! But as I was ewing and awing over the overnight change of the greenhouse complex, I nearly tripped over the developments in one our newest gardens. 

A mere two weeks ago, the Darlene Radichel Plant Select® Garden was a plot of overturned land when I stood next to it to watch the installation of  Henry Moore’s Locking Piece into the Wildflower Treasures garden. No longer; now the garden is beginning to take shape, with pathways laid and foundations waiting for benches to be installed. What a difference fourteen days makes!

So, fair-weather friends, I encourage you to bundle up and stop by and check out the progress for yourself periodically this winter.  You’ll be amazed at what’s growing at the Gardens!

At the Gardens


Diane Zimmer, C...
Thanks, PK! Sometimes it's easy to take for granted what's right in front of you everyday!
Panayoti Kelaidis
Wow! I just realized all of our dozens of staff have overlooked letting people know how massive the changes going here are: it's breathtaking! Kudos for letting our readers know...and congratulations on joining the DBG blogging shock force, Diane: The few, the fearless, the spellcheckers!

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