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More hardy agaves blooming? Ho hum...


I think the first agave at Denver Botanic Gardens bloomed nearly 20 years ago...it was a big deal for us then and got into the newspaper and even TV. Since then, nearly a dozen agaves bloomed. A few years ago there were three or four around the gardens blooming at the same time...we've gotten so jaded that nowadays hardly anyone seems to notice or comment. No longer the day by day, blow by blow account of how it shoots up in the spring and how the gigantic blossoms positively drip nectar and the clouds of pollinators that hover around them...

You can watch idiots bash their brains out on Extreme sports on TV if you like, and read up on the latest peccadilloes of the terminally tedious celebrity nonentities whose names I am proud to not recognize...you can indulge in all the crass, multimedia, electronic game and popular pablum you want...it's OK by me. Really!

You will find me (and Al Gerace: one of our all time heroes) still marvelling at the spectacles of nature. No matter how many century plants I see,  I can't help but gawk a bit. If you've read this far, you probably agree. Come check this one out. It's sculptural grace gives the Moores a run for their money!



I agree, it is a shame that most people consider the peccadilloes of minor celebrities more interesting than the flowering of marvellous plants. But even when botanic gardens do make a fuss, and the press picks up on it, the story is not necessarily what you might want, <a href="http://agro.biodiver.se/2010/07/untangling-an-agave-story/" rel="nofollow">as we discussed here</a>.
Mike Woods

It was interesting to hear Leo Chavez (the man who helped us fix your pond) tell how in Mexico they chop off the flower head and feed them to the cattle. He said when the cattle see what is being done they come on the run to feed on these flowers.

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