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Moore Perspective


Henry Moore Sculpture Exhibit at Denver Botanic Gardens

Henry Moore is here. As a marketer and pr professional at the Gardens, my first thought was "Who Is Henry Moore?" when I first understood the exhibit would be arriving in 2010.  I knew the name. I majored in art in college but have drifted away from some of my art history roots over the years. Once I swept the cobwebs away from those long hours of watching slide after slide of artwork focusing on 20th century art in a dark classroom, I remembered Henry Moore.  I started to recall him in a BIG way - literally and figuratively. He is truly one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th century.  His sculptures are prolific, powerful, graceful and somehow optimistic. The shapes and lines that make up Moore's sculptures are truly organic.  In fact, Moore meant for his works to be displayed outside within a landscape vs. in a gallery or tightly confined next to a building. How fitting that the sculptures have come to Denver Botanic Gardens.

The marketer in me cannot resist telling you that in 2008 Time Magazine identified the Henry Moore exhibit as one of the 10 top ten exhibits in the country when it was at New York Botanic Gardens. That is lofty praise. This is also the first time that Moore's large-scale works have been installed in the Rocky Mountain region. Many of these sculptures are massive - 10,000 lbs. or more. Standing next to them is an experience within itself. These are great reasons to see the exhibit.  However, I encourage you to come most of all to see how his works integrate with nature and I hope you too see the grace and optimism they illicit when you stand in front of them. That is the truly unique perspective of this exhibit.


Patrick Muir

Take a short drive east on I-70 to Kansas City and you'll find an impressive Moore garden in front of the Nelson Art Gallery by the Country Club Plaza. Nestled in allees of gingko trees. You can't imagine the site in the fall. Come on over.
Happy to see Moore!

Its great to see Moore sculptures in Denver! Why didn't they put more Moore in the Prairie garden? The Prairie garden is a unique feature to DGB representing Colorado which is a well suited to abstract forms. Please move more Moore to the Prairie garden.

Thanks for the great comments. We do have a sculpture in the The Plains Garden at York Street. It is "Large Totem Head." Our hort staff spent much time with The Henry Moore Foundation selecting locations that enhanced the sculpture and the Gardens as well as protected any areas that could not maintain high traffic without damaging plants. Patrick, I am really looking forward to seeing the Moore Garden at the Nelson Art Gallery. We talked about those works as we were preparing to install here. Thanks for the recommendation of seeing it in the Fall.

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