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A Love Letter to the Montréal Botanical Garden


Only two days left to enjoy my time at the Montréal Botanical Garden. So, I decide to walk in the Courtyard of the Senses where the signs that identify the plants are written in French, English, Latin and Braille. On the MBG website there is a quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the man who wrote the French classic, The Little Prince: "L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux." (The essential is invisible to the eye). With this in mind, I marvel at the beauty of the delicate snail flower, and then I close my eyes and touch a velvety silver sage shrub; then the velcro-like ribs on the underside of the leaves of a madder plant. I take in the scents of the oakleaf geranium and curry plant and listen to the papery sound of a strawflower. One of the activities in this particular Garden includes placing a blindfold over the eyes so that a person has an inkling of what it’s like to be blind. I have heard that sometimes guide dogs are included in the activity.

After visiting the Courtyard of the Senses, I spend a few moments in the Turkish Peace Garden which was created by the Turkish community in 2000. Its Moorish design recalls the beauty that flourishes in every culture the world over. MBG highlights those distinctive attributes in a dynamic and creative way; the Japanese Garden, the Chinese Garden, and the First Nations Garden all pay tribute to horticulture from the world over. One of the curators here, René Giguère, is interested in knowing more about Denver Botanic Gardens’ South African Plaza in hopes of creating his own South African Garden at MBG.

Mostly, I take time to remember the people I have met: their smiles, warmth, openness, kindness, generosity, and curiousity. I am inspired by their love and respect for nature and their ability to bring so many cultures together.

As Saint-Exupéry said so well, beyond what we can see is something of a greater worth; we need only walk into the world, one step at a time, and keep ourselves open to the mysteries and magic that await us at every turn.

Merci infiniment, au revoir, et á tantôt.



Raymond Dufort

Doris I was whith Linda when she took the lotus picture in the Japonesse garden in Montréal, I am a quide since 1995, she must be back now in Denver and tell her that i would like to visit her nest summer and your beautifull Garden. Raymond
Raymond Dufort

I had 2 favorites moments in the tropical canopy greenhouse. One was a boy around 8 9 years old, he was from New-York NY and he started to tell me the latin names of the plants in the green-house WOW His mother told me that he knows all the florists in New-York and he was known by them. The other one was a young boy also and I asked him if he had seen the bat flower, No- so I went to the other side and has soon has he saw the the, he exclaimed "OH! cat's whisker!The chinese call this flower "Tigers Whisker. To see this flower look for Tacca. You will understand why he called it cat's whisker. Moments like that are very strong for us. raymond
Raymond Dufort

Linda, the lotus picture in the Japonese garden turn out very beautifull, which is very surprising for this date in October, Raymond
Doris Boardman

Raymond, please look at Linda's other blogs on this Web site to see some other things she has shared with us about the MGB. Just click on her name in the "Authors" section in the right-hand column, and it will sort by her name. Merci de partager votre monde voyage chez nous, Linda, mon ami!
Doris Boardman

Raymond, thank you for sharing your expertise with Linda. You helped make her experience in Montreal very special and magical. And thank you all for making Linda feel so welcome. Nous tenons à favoriser le retour à toute et à tous de vous lorsque vous venez à Denver. We would love to have you come to Denver to see our Gardens next summer! Wow--fourteen years as a guide at MBG. What has your favorite moment been as a guide?
Colleen Nunn

Linda, How nice to travel this morning for a few minutes to Montreal. Thank you! That snail flower is intriguing.
Raymond Dufort

This year, I had a wonderfull lady who enjoy the visit of a small bird in her hand, Linda found back the little girl she was some time ago, I beleive that was a wonderfull time for both of us.All that happen in the forest of the First Nation Garden. Raymond
Raymond Dufort

Linda, sure I love very much the diversitys of the MBG liked you mentionned The Japonese G. the chinese G. First Nations G. which was inogurated on the 4Th of August 2001 , 300 years after the 4th August 1701, in what time 1800 Indiens came in Montreal to sign a Peace Treaty. Montréal had only 1200 peoples at tha time. The alpine garden, every of the 30 gardens is worthwil. The green houses of the economical is comming pretty well,I am sure that it will ready in December. In my heart, it is number ONE on account off all thoses diversities. Love Raymond
Linda Maich

Hello Bill, I took those photos, but you know that. I hope you're photographing your own world. Linda

Nice photographs. Who took them?

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