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January Interns Find a Warm Welcome


January interns in the herbarium

The Gardens welcomed two interns from Oberlin College during the month of January. The young women, who between them are majoring in Plant Biology, History, Creative Writing, and Environmental Studies, lent their energy to numerous projects. They spent time measuring champion trees, finding and creating children's activities for our upcoming Jurassic Gardens exhibit, working on a Green page for our Web site, archiving old photos and documents in the library, and generally making themselves useful! Here you can see them preparing plants in the Herbarium, where their work will be immortalized in our museum of plant specimens. The interns wanted to learn more about the workings of a botanic gardens; in the process they advanced the work of Denver Botanic Gardens on many fronts!


Doris Boardman

Thanks, Ellen--I couldn't agree with you more about the help they gave all of us. Plus, they were a joy to work with! Both interns, working with Rachel Murray in interpretation, presented two amazing original storyboards to myself and our interactive Web agency demonstrating ideas for a new interactive children's game. Our Web agency will create the game and it will be loaded on our Web site this spring. The game will be associated with the concepts surrounding our <a trget="new" href="http://www.botanicgardens.org/content/jurassic-gardens-exhibit" rel="nofollow"><strong>Jurassic Gardens exhibit</strong>.</a> Many thanks to these talented interns for their fresh and imaginative designs.

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