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It's a Dog's Life...at Denver Botanic Gardens


(Given from Ollie's Perspective)

Pretty much every day is the same for me. I wake up, do backyard squirrel patrol, wag my tail and try to look cute (not too hard for me to do) so my owner will take me on a walk, eat, sleep, and start it all over again the next day. I'm fine with the routine, but it would be nice to have a little excitement in my life.

It all changed though when my owner came home one day to tell me about Botanic Bow Wow, a Denver Botanic Gardens event geared specifically towards ME!! (and I suppose I'll bring my owner) I'll get to network with other furry friends, eat some treats, try to win a contest, get my picture taken, and much more. If you want another furry friend to roam around with, there will be available dogs to adopt from Dumb Friends League and Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue. There will be many vendors on-site that cater to us [dogs] and our owners. From doggie daycare such as Camp Bow Wow and Playful Pooch, to pet groomers like Mile High Mutts, and sustainable pet stores such as Quality Paws Natural Pet - there's something for everyone! Check out the full list of participants here. 

I can't wait for this event and am counting down the days (on my paws) til Saturday, May 22. Botanic Bow Wow will go from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m., and you can bet I'll be the first in line. You won't be able to miss me; I'll be the cute one.

Hope to see you there,



Copper Curtis

Dear Ollie, I just heard about this from my owner, and I can't wait to check it out. I am a country girl, and I get to do lots of running in open fields, chasing all kinds of wildlife and scaring my owner's chickens - but I really need to get into the city more and experience some 'culture' (what is that anyway?). This sounds like a perfect opportunity! My buddy Wyatt has already decided to enter 'Best Looking Senior Dog' - he is quite the handsome devil! I'm coming along to support him and maybe see if I can steal someone's squeaky toy. Though who knows, my owner may drag me into a contest too... I hope I get to see you and Jamie there! I'll look for you at the front of the line. But watch out - I'm pretty cute. Woof - Copper
Ollie FitzGerald

Jamie and Copper~ Ruh Roh....this event is going to be a doggone good time. I look forward to meeting both of you! Best, Ollie
Jamie Boardman

Woof woof, Ollie, This sounds like such a fun day. I usually lay around the house sleeping while my owners are gone (where do they go all day, anyway?), so it will be fun to get out and do some doggie shopping and get some treats. I love that I can spend a day playing with new doggie friends, and my owners can take their Botanic Bow Wow tickets and visit the Gardens after the Bow Wow event since dogs are not allowed inside the Gardens. Their Bow Wow tickets will give them free admission! They will come home happy and give me even more treats. Where did you get that cool bandana? I am always looking to upgrade my wardrobe. Bark bark to you! Jamie
Nellie FitzGerald

Dear Ollie, You have all the fun. I am stuck here on the farm with Ranger (Mr.Perfect) and Red (Mr. Perfect Pest) and 150 cows. My day consists of a good roll in a manure pile, cat chasing and several lengthy naps. As for the humans less said the better. I just wish I could go to Botanic Bow Wow. Sounds simply Bow Wow. Love Nellie

i cant wait im taking my two dogs and we entered in the dog owner lookalike contest

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