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Horticulture Internships at the Gardens


Intern Michelle in the Japanese GardenEach summer college students from across the country descend on Denver Botanic Gardens to participate in our summer horticulture internship program. And even though there’s still snow on the ground, we’re already booking the fieldtrips and tours for the program. Designed to help students explore career opportunities in public horticulture, the program immerses students in most every aspect of public horticulture and provides the hands-on experience that employers value. In addition to educational activities and hands-on gardening, each intern is mentored by one of our professional horticulturists on an independent project. As usual this year’s list of projects covers a wide range of interests. This summer at the Gardens, interns will be:

  • Documenting our Quercus collection with photographs, measurements and herbarium specimens
  • Developing educational classes for community gardeners
  • Learning about maintenance of a Japanese style garden using native plants and learning about bonsai
  • Mapping and documenting plants in new and existing gardens for our plant database
  • Helping develop a seed herbarium
  • Helping measure and conserve water in mixed ornamental plantings
  • Developing and conducting horticultural therapy programs
  • Learning about and working in our CSA (community supporting agriculture) program at Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield

Intern Monica in the Japanese GardenThe program consistently receives positive ratings from the interns who participate.
"I had an amazing experience here that exceeded expectations.”

     - Aaron from the University of Nebraska
"The summer flew by because I was having fun and I learned a lot thanks to the amazing mentors and the field trips that were provided for us.”

     - Jacob from the University of Missouri at Columbia

Though I may be a bit biased, I think that the program we have planned for the summer of 2011 is equally good if not better than last year. For horticulture students, the February 15th application deadline is fast approaching. Click here for more information about the internship program.


Dr. Paul Henry

I am a hort instructor at Southern Illinois Univ and was wondering - at this late date - if all of your hort internships have been filled. If not, I have a student who is interested. Thanks for any info you can provide, Paul Henry, Dept. Plant and Soil Science, SIUC
Brent Benes

I am currently studying Horticulture at Southeast Community College in Nebraska. I am looking for internship opportunities for the Spring/Summer of 2014, and I am interested in interning with Denver Botanic Gardens. What are the 2014 deadlines for application?
Annie Glaser

Hello! I am currently studying Horticulture and minoring in Plant Pathology at The Ohio State University and am very interested in applying for an internship opportunity this coming summer of 2014 at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Is there a deadline posted for the application?
Ann Montague

We typically post information about our summer internships in November. Applications will be due in February. The due date and position requirements will be in the job posting. Application forms will also be available on the website at that time.

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