Neighborhoods in Bloom
I want to express my appreciation for the neighborhoods all around Denver for making the effort to grow plants well and to grow great plants.  Some credit undoubtedly goes to the city, but a lot should be generously poured over all the home owners and residents who take the time to make their block and their neighborhood a little bit better. What sparked this little epiphany of mine was that...
A Busy Day
Wow!  That was a fantastic Earth Day.  About 6,000 people passed through the Gardens, seeing, learning and enjoying. It's a chance for the Gardens to show its special strengths, like the Water-Smart Garden (above).  The Mayor visited to launch the Denver Daisy (Rudbeckia 'Denver Daisy') and many people took notice, including the Denver Post.  300,000 seed packets could mean that the city is covered in them by the end of summer. I...
Sustainability Fair comes with a Green Discount
Today the Gardens were just lovely! I took advantage the great weather and strolled past blossoming trees and bulbs, bursting buds and leafing limbs, everything downright wonderful. What a contrast from Wednesday night! I guess when the weather is so beautiful, the wisdom of carpe diem becomes obvious.  Seize the day and enjoy the Gardens right now because its changing every day. True, it always changes every day, but the changes are especially numerous right now.
Rick Darke a Bright Light
Urban Nature is on its Way
I saw works by a few of the artists contributing this summer's Urban Nature exhibit here at Denver Botanic Gardens on York Street just recently. Their work is so striking! Unfortunately, the official announcement of the material is still under wraps so all I can say is "It's gonna be great! Stay tuned!"
Spring Comes Quickly
The melt-off seems terrifically quick after such a thorough snow storm.  Spring will take hold before you know it.  Now is a great time to watch a garden for changes between one day and the next.  Come stroll through the Gardens and see the transformations right before your eyes.