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Natural Dye Making in Berry Bonanza: Seedlings Classes
Creating Community: Seedlings Classes
This is a time where kids from ages 3-5 can get together, have fun and explore the wonders of nature.  Their parents also have fun with one another and find camaraderie in the fact that their children are learning not only to appreciate nature, but also how to interact with nature and preserve its beauty. 
Water conservation gardens are GORGEOUS!
Compost Happens
Thanks to the green team volunteers for helping us compost this weekend at summer concerts! 
Home, Home on the Meadow
Shop at the Gardens Now Open at DBG!
Blooming on a Sunny Afternoon
Early mornings in the gardens are definitely  peaceful and cool, however some gardens, like some people, are not at their best until well after lunchtime. The south end of Dryland Mesa is currently one of these gardens and the cacti flowers, which are at their peak right now, are definitely late risers, refusing to open until the sun is at its fullest. Admittedly an early morning visit does have the reward...
Green Roof – a year-and-a-half later
The green roof at Denver Botanic Gardens opened in November 2007. Within a year and a half, this garden has established very well creating a green space where once was a regular cemented roof. Situated above our former gift shop (soon to become a bistro), this one-of-a-kind green roof features native and drought tolerant plants that thrive well in our semi-arid climate with limited water. The green roof was initially established...
After much anticipation, the community garden plots were laid out this week. The creation of this garden has taken well over a year. Back and forth negotiations with Denver Water to acquire their property at Congress Park, community meetings, planning and implementation, all these have been truly a joint effort by many people. [gallery] Last year, the community gardeners at Denver Botanic Gardens’ Waring/Gaylord Community Garden were requested to clear their...