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Gatehouse Dogs and Visitors


Dog at Gtehouse Window Dog at Gatehouse Window
Dog at Gatehouse Window
 Girl with Doll at Gatehouse Window
Dog at Gatehouse Window

People who live nearby often walk their dogs along York Street. Awhile back, somebody in guest services started giving the dogs a dog biscuit if they came up to visit the Gatehouse with their owners. Denver Botanic Gardens cannot admit pets into the gardens, just service dogs, however we enjoy our visits with these furry friends at the front gate.

Over time, it became something the dog owners, the gatehouse attendants and the dogs grew to look forward to doing. Some of the owners have told Visitor Center staff that when they and the dog turn the corner at Ninth or Eleventh Avenue onto York Street, the dog will increase its pace in anticipation of the treat. There is a list in the gatehouse of the names of the dogs who visit us. It’s difficult to get a good photograph, as the dogs are always excited and move a lot. Many times we are just too busy with human guests to have time to set-up and photograph the dogs. We have a hard time getting to know the smaller dogs unless the owner will hold them up to the window.

Photos by Bill Moses




I live by the gardens and have a dog. I see you offer a dog friendly landscape class - why don't you have a dog friendly garden at your gardens so we can see how to make them and bring our dogs to that area. - Sami & "Moose"

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