Are you looking for something fun to do this summer? For a reasonable price you can experience myriad of local fare, beverages, and lively entertainment! In the mood for ice cream? Or beer? Or wine? Or Italian, Indian food and more? Check out restaurants such as Steuben’s, Bombay Clay Oven, Lik’s Ice Cream, and many more! Enjoy the sounds of Chris Daniels and the Kings as you meander through 15...
After much anticipation, the community garden plots were laid out this week. The creation of this garden has taken well over a year. Back and forth negotiations with Denver Water to acquire their property at Congress Park, community meetings, planning and implementation, all these have been truly a joint effort by many people. [gallery] Last year, the community gardeners at Denver Botanic Gardens’ Waring/Gaylord Community Garden were requested to clear their...
Wetting the Appetite with a Classical Tropical Waterlily
We are all anxious and ready for the fireworks to begin. The exotic tropical waterlilies are planted in 7 gal. containers in mid-June at Denver Botanic Gardens, when the water temperature remains over 70 degrees F. Nymphaea ‘Aquarius’ is one of our very special “historical” tropical waterlilies. The plants are started from tubers in March or April. Our exciting new greenhouse complex will include a state-of- the-art propagation facility.
One Good Picture... worth a whole lot of words! This pretty much says it all about April in the Gardens! This
The dinosaurs are arriving!
Installation of the life-size dinosaur sculptures started today at York Street. It is amazing to see how realistic they appear. Our talented horticulture and operations staff are doing everything possible to make it seem like our prehistoric guests actually are at home roaming the Gardens. Plant displays will showcase prehistoric plants and their modern relatives.   "Jurassic Gardens" opens on April 17.  
A Little Color on a Drab Day
Easter dawned today gray and drizzly--not what we might hope for on an April Sunday. A few brave souls are visiting the Gardens, where our newest exhibit--Jurassic Gardens--is being installed. But I have a quiet moment to post a little color.
Early Filling of Gardens' Pools
A prolonged warm spell created an opportunity that an alert Operations Team was quick to exploit--completing minor pool repairs and sweeping our larger pools squeaky clean. Following suit was the talented and committed Denver Botanic Gardens’ Horticulture staff which (with a touch of flare) quickly and efficiently had the south end of the pool spic-and-span. On the afternoon of Tuesday, March 17, 2009, water flowed into the Gardens' pools, nearly four weeks...
Spring is here
Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Gardens!
Euphorbia polychroma 'Candy' - Cushion spurge
Spring blooms here, there and everywhere